Importance of Keyword Selection in Growing your Business

The sad reality 95% of searchers don’t click next pages after the first page appears with the top 10 results.

Therefore, if your search terms are not showing up in the top 10 at least, you’re missing out a lot of potential customers. Your business will be behind the giants.


Online search concept


What keywords should you be targeting?

It’s extremely important to be on the first page of search engine results. During early stages, you must determine the best and revenue-generating keywords that will take you on page one. These keywords must be relevant to your business


What are your customers or audience are looking for?

Keywords must be known to your target customers.  Those keywords or phrases are useless if you are the only one who understands those terms.

It’s easy to search for terms that will give you more traffic, but it’s better to search for the ones your visitors or potential customers are using.

When doing this, you must ask yourself if the jargons or business terms are ruining your search. Don’t use terms that visitors are rarely using or are not even aware of.  You may check social media, forums, and other social networks to find the terms popular to your target audience.

The Importance of Long-Tail

One word or single term keywords (e.g. shoes, bags, clothes, etc.) are very competitive and they may not even give your audience the results they are looking for.

There are various kinds of shoes: ballet shoes, running shoes, school shoes, and more. Bags also have a variety.  Choosing these terms may give you tremendous traffic, but you’re missing a lot of precious dollars.

Being particular with your keywords to match the searcher’s intent is the idea behind long tail keywords. By using “pink ballet shoes” or “Kobe Bryant shoes” will give you potential clients than using generic terms alone.

This doesn’t mean you won’t rank for big search terms. In fact, you will get more quality leads that will later turn into real customers when you opt for long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords also help diversify your content. The page should have good variations of words that make up a normal article or content.

The terms people search normally vary, so it’s better not to use terms repetitively. Maybe you will be surprised to know that even misspellings are used by a number of people and can drive traffic to a website. Any skilled SEO specialist knows how to look for alternatives to popular search terms and wrap them around a content.